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The Slovensko v mobile app is a platform that connects citizens and authorities. It creates a communication channel that allows public authorities and third parties to proactively communicate with you. It simply helps to extend government services to mobile devices.

The first step is to download the app from one of the app stores. After installing the app, you need to go through the activation process. This consists of simple steps and will take no more than 15 minutes. For full instructions on how to activate the app, please visit the Online app activation page.

The main benefit is the mobile key, which will simplify your authentication on the portal. Thanks to the easier verification of your identity, you will be able to perform the necessary actions towards the government electronically, from the comfort of your home. Easier access to the message box will greatly facilitate your communication and interaction with the government.


The Slovensko v mobile app only works with supported versions of Android 9 and iOS 13 or higher. The app will not work on devices with lower operating system versions. Using the most up-to-date operating systems will ensure the best functionality of the app.


On your Android device, go to < Home >, then press < Menu >, select Settings, select About phone, select 'Android version' or 'Firmware version', where it will say which OS version you have installed.

For iOS devices, you can find specific instructions.

In case you have lost or had stolen your smartphone or other device with the Slovensko v mobile app activated, immediately deactivate your device in device management here on the Slovensko v mobile app website.

After logging in to the portal, go to Device Management and deactivate the lost/stolen device. If you need help with deactivation, please feel free to contact us via the web form.

A chip ID card is equipped with an electronic contact chip on the back, which stores the data on the ID card itself. Chip ID cards have been issued since December 2013.

You may have received a reader when you collected your new ID card. If not, the reader can be purchased at any electronics store.

Currently, it is not possible to activate the Slovensko v mobile app without a chip ID card and an ID card reader.

We are working intensively on solving this problem and we will inform you about the solution on this web portal.